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Chesapeake AC Installation & Replacement

RS Andrews of Tidewater provides air conditioner installation and replacement to Chesapeake, VA properties. We established our reputation by offering longer service hours at reasonable rates. We bolster that reputation with quick response times and ironclad written guarantees. Purchasing and installing a new air conditioning unit shouldn’t be difficult. RS Andrews of Tidewater aims to simplify matters. Your home’s air conditioner is responsible for more than cold air; a good one can also contribute to cleaner air throughout the house.

If you’re considering enhancing your home by replacing your existing air conditioner, you might see increased energy efficiency and comfort. Many customers call for AC repairs more than once. At a certain point, a replacement air conditioner might be the best route to take. Our experienced staff can install an air conditioner if you purchased one directly from the manufacturer or take care of everything on our end. Either way, if you decide to replace or install a new unit, RS Andrews of Tidewater is your go-to source.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Air Conditioner?

For most homeowners, knowing when to give the experts a call is a challenge. Fortunately, there are telltale signs of air conditioner failure. These indicators can tell you whether AC repair or service, air conditioning installation or AC replacement is necessary. RS Andrews of Tidewater believes that educated homeowners who can call our Chesapeake, VA air conditioning professionals when something is amiss are better off.


There are risks associated with ignoring potential problems. For instance, a refrigerant leak can be dangerous to you and your family. Also, mold growth as a result of a faulty unit potentially causes health issues in the home. Air conditioning problems can also grow worse. What might be a simple repair could morph into a replacement. So be on the lookout for:

No Cold Air:

If you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner, pay attention to how cold the air coming from the vents is. Put your thermostat on at full blast and note how cold the air is. If it feels less crisp than it used to, it is possible you’re experiencing problems. You might need to call us for AC replacement.

Very Little Air Flow:

Another thing you can do is to pay close attention to how hard the air blows from the vents. If it feels weaker than it used to – even if it is as cool as it should be – you might consider giving RS Andrews of Tidewater a call. Sometimes AC repair is all that’s needed, but if not, we’ll take care of you.

Thermostat Inaccuracies:

If some rooms in your home appear to cool correctly, but others don’t, you might be experiencing air conditioner difficulties. Pay attention to the discrepancy between the temperature on the thermostat and how cool it is in your house. These factors could indicate air conditioner failure.

Leaking and Moisture Accumulation:

If the vents aren’t blowing hard or cool enough and the thermostat is faulty, go outside. Once you’re at the air conditioner, check for any evidence of a leak. If you notice moisture accumulation under the unit, call us immediately. It is possible that this is a severe issue or the culprit is refrigerant.

Loud Noises:

Clanking, banging, grinding, squealing, or grating noises are not typical. They should not be coming from your air conditioner. While these noises might not mean you need a new unit, they are one possible indicator.

Unpleasant or Strange Odors:

Anything pungent or foul coming from your ductwork can be severe. There are several explanations, but one could be air conditioner failure. It’s wise to call us because one of the causes of strange odors can be mold growth.

Unusually High Utility Bills:

High bills aren’t always a result of a faulty air conditioner. For instance, sometimes the unit must work harder to account for unusually high outdoor temperatures. If you’re concerned, there’s no harm in calling us. If a replacement is warranted, we’ll help you choose a replacement unit.

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Why Choose RS Andrews Heating and Cooling?

You want to protect your investment if you decide to replace or install a brand-new air conditioner. Fortunately, RS Andrews of Tidewater supplies plenty of extra service features to ease your mind. Our ARS Network Exceptional Service Guarantee ensures our technicians respect your property and time while delivering top-notch customer service. Each of our technicians has years of experience. Additionally, our Super Service Club Membership includes zero diagnostic fees, no overtime charges, and priority emergency service. Contact RS Andrews of Tidewater today to find out more about our Chesapeake, VA air conditioner installation.

Benefits of a New AC Installation

  • Advance features
  • Better performance
  • Less repairs
  • Lower utility bill
  • Manufactory rebates

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