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Air conditioners work hard to provide cooled air for maximum home comfort during the hottest months of the year. However, homeowners often push their air conditioners harder and longer than these appliances are meant to last in an effort to save money and put off the perceived inconvenience of replacement. Unfortunately, an aging air conditioner that is well past its prime is a detractor from, rather than an asset to, your home. An air conditioner that is no longer working efficiently, breaks down frequently, or is simply inadequate for your needs is likely to cause higher costs and more discomfort than a new unit. Opting for new AC installation when the time is right can ultimately help you save time and money by reducing your overall cooling costs and lowering the chances that you’ll need to call your Portsmouth AC service for help.

Your AC Is Unreliable

One of the major signs that it’s time for new AC installation is an existing home cooling system that’s unreliable. Even when your AC is functioning normally, wear and tear will occur that causes parts to fail. If you have had to call for AC repair several times in the recent past or constantly worry that your system may be headed for a breakdown, the simplest way to achieve the peace of mind you deserve is through AC replacement. Because air conditioners aren’t rated to last forever, these failures will only grow more frequent with time as the appliance reaches the end of its functional life. New AC installation will ensure that your air conditioner starts out in great shape and with completely new parts to deliver the cooling you want for several years without fail.

Your AC Isn’t Effective

Regardless of the age of your air conditioning unit, if it can’t cool your home effectively, it’s not the right solution for you. AC installation requires several calculations and considerations to ensure that the unit installed is the right type and size for your home. If your current air conditioner is not sized correctly—regardless of whether it’s too big or too small—it will run more frequently than necessary without delivering the temperature and humidity control you want. A poorly-sized air conditioner will also cost much more to run than you expect, racking up high cooling bills month after month and year after year, even when the system is regularly maintained. Your home cooling service can quickly evaluate your air conditioner and your home’s size, insulation, and occupancy to determine the best new AC to achieve the level of home comfort you want at lower cost. Although new AC installation will have a few upfront costs, you’ll enjoy a much more comfortable home and significantly lower utility bills upon installation of a well-matched unit that will continue to offset and outweigh your installation costs for years to come.

Our Portsmouth AC service is pleased to offer AC repair and new AC installation to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy efficient even at the hottest times of the year. If you’d like to find out more about how you could benefit from installing a new AC this year, please stop by our website for more home cooling information or to reach out to us via our web contact form for an appointment. You can also stay up to date on the latest home HVAC information and technology on our blog.