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Your Portsmouth HVAC service wants you to enjoy the very greatest home comfort possible throughout the year. While you already know the importance of calling for air conditioning and heating repair when your system fails to function properly, you may not realize that regular HVAC maintenance is just as important in the long-term performance of your heating and cooling system. Air conditioner and heater tune-ups are a powerful preventive tool that offer amazing returns on your investment; if you’re wondering whether you need a heater tune-up this year, keep reading to find out why the answer is “yes.”

Heating Tune-Ups Are Needed Every Year

Especially if your furnace or heat pump has been performing well over the past few years, you may wonder whether it’s really necessary to schedule a heating tune-up before winter. Heating systems incur normal wear and tear as they function throughout the season. While this wear and tear may not cause a breakdown, it will cause a decrease in heater efficiency over time, which leads to higher-than-necessary heating bills. The only way to ensure your heating bills remain consistently as low as possible is to schedule a heater tune-up each year to check and clean your system. This reverses the effects of wear and tear, also correcting any efficiency losses associated with yearly use to restore your heating system to like-new condition and top-level performance.

Heating Tune-Ups Are Necessary for New and Old Heaters

Homeowners may also wonder whether it’s necessary to tune up their new or old heating system. New heating systems can benefit greatly from regular heater tune-ups, as this preventive measure is the very best way to ensure your new appliance lasts as long as expected. Heating systems are typically predicted to last 15-20 years, but these predictions include the assumption that regular yearly maintenance will be performed on the system. When this requirement is not met, the system will be much more likely to fail after a period less than the expected lifetime. Conversely, homeowners with older heating systems in place may think it’s not worth the cost to maintain an older appliance. However, keeping your older heating system in good shape is also the best way to prolong its lifetime and ensure you’re getting the greatest efficiency possible from it each year. Without heater tune-ups, your older HVAC system will be much more likely to lose efficiency quickly and runs a higher risk of failure, particularly during high-use periods when the weather is coldest. Thus, heater tune-ups protect the remaining lifespan of your heating system so you won’t have to worry about high heating costs, pending breakdowns, or heating system replacement in the near-future.

Heater tune-ups are just one of the many ways your Portsmouth HVAC service can help you improve your home’s comfort levels while reducing your monthly costs. We encourage you to click through our website to find out more about the value of our heater tune-ups and other HVAC services, including appliance repair and replacement. You can also check out our blog for even more helpful home heating and cooling tips.