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Smart Home Products in Portsmouth

The expert team at RS Andrews of Tidewater is proud to offer a wide array of smart home devices from Nest and Google designed to help enhance everyday life in your house. We carry the most popular smart home products such as Nest Cams, Nest Protect CO alarms, Nest thermostats, and Google Home. Read on to learn more about how these items can provide your household with energy savings, convenience, and more.

Nest Thermostats: The Next Generation in Climate Control

The Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E connect directly into your heating and cooling systems to greatly enhance the way your house’s climate is controlled. With unique energy-saving features and intuitive connectivity to other devices, Nest thermostats are the future of climate control inside your home. Advanced algorithms are constantly at work learning how to best keep your home warm or cool, especially when you’re not home, and in doing so help you save up to 15% on cooling and up to 12% on heating.

nest smoke detector and thermostat

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The Nest Protect doesn’t just detect and alert you to smoke in your home, it also detects carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless and dangerous gas. But because the Nest Protect can communicate to your Nest Thermostat, it can actually turn off your HVAC system if it detects smoke or CO. Not only does this prevent the smoke from recirculating throughout your home, the furnace is sometimes the source of the CO. This, and other innovative features, help make the Nest Protect the smoke alarm that other alarms look up to.

Google Home and Google WiFi

Google Home is a great way to integrate all your smart home products under one roof. Connected to a central Google account, Google Home uses Google Assistant and your voice to schedule your day, control your thermostat, get search results, and much more. When all you need to do is speak, the options are limitless for what you can accomplish with Google Home. To address any weak wifi signals in your home, and to ensure the best experience with multiple smart home devices, we recommend installing Google Wifi. It replaces your current wifi router to not only extend your signal, but also to route extra bandwidth to streaming devices that need a stronger signal.

Nest Cam Security Cameras

Nest Cams provide ultimate peace of mind, with stunning HD picture quality of your indoor or outdoor space. Linked to your Nest app, you can easily see what’s happening when you are away from home. Nest Cams feature optional cloud storage, night vision, zoom modes, and image recognition so members of your family (including pets) are known within the system. Seamless integration and design makes Nest Cams essential for any homeowner who wants additional security.

The RS Andrews of Tidewater Difference

The innovations of Nest and other smart home tools allow you to save money, be more energy conscious, and have full control of your household even while you’re away. As a Nest Pro Elite installer we can easily provide a superior consultation and installation for customers in Portsmouth, VA who want the benefits of a smart and thoughtful hom.

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