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Your HVAC system works hard throughout the year to keep your home healthy and comfortable. Especially if you haven’t experienced problems with your heating or cooling system in the past, you may be tempted to skip or put off tasks such as AC maintenance. However, a good maintenance record is the single most important contributing factor to both AC efficiency and longevity. Ensuring that your home’s cooling system is cleaned and maintained regularly will help you achieve the long-term savings and performance you expect from this important investment.

Your AC Won’t Break Down

AC breakdowns are a major source of discomfort and inconvenience during the cooling season. The best way to protect yourself from a major AC issue that requires professional repair is to maintain your home’s cooling system. Regular AC tune-ups will check your system for developing problems and address normal wear and tear, such as dust buildup and loss of lubrication. Catching problems early allows you to correct them immediately, which costs less upfront while also ensuring that minor issues don’t grow to disrupt AC function in the future. Together, these factors will dramatically reduce your risk of cooling problems, especially when your air conditioner is under greater strain during the hottest days of the year.

Your Utility Bills Will Stay Low

Air conditioner efficiency is lost over time as wear and tear affect your AC’s ability to convert energy into cooling. The longer your air conditioner goes without a tune-up, the more efficiency will be lost and the higher your cooling bills will climb, even if you make no other changes to your home cooling habits. AC tune-ups are the best way to keep your utility bills consistently low to save energy and money throughout the years by addressing the issues that rob your air conditioner of efficiency. This allows you to maintain the cooling performance you paid for when you installed your air conditioner so you can get the greatest long-term returns on this purchase.

Your AC Will Last Longer

Regular AC tune-ups are a proactive step toward a longer-lasting air conditioner. By keeping the unit clean, lubricated, and functioning efficiently, AC tune-ups reduce overall wear and strain on the system to help it last as long as possible. While a poorly-maintained air conditioner can fail and require replacement in just a few years, a well-maintained system will reach or even exceed its expected lifetime of 10-15 years. By ensuring your air conditioner lasts as long as possible, you’ll minimize the costs associated with AC replacement by undertaking this task less often for greater general convenience throughout the years.

Our Portsmouth HVAC service is dedicated to helping you maintain a comfortable, healthy, and efficient home all year long. We aim to make AC maintenance easy with our convenient and cost-effective Super Service Club membership options. You can explore our AC maintenance solutions and specials when you visit us on the web, where you can also check out our blog to learn more about the benefits and importance of AC tune-ups for your home.