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A cooling emergency requires fast action to restore the function of your home’s cooling system. Particularly during the hot months of summer, a total cooling breakdown can cause the temperature and humidity levels in your Portsmouth home to rise quickly, increasing discomfort and even risking damage to the materials in your home. When a cooling issue arises in your home, knowing whether you should call for emergency AC repair service can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with taking the right steps to rectify the situation.

Your AC Simply Won’t Work

Complete air conditioner breakdowns occur when you simply can’t get your AC to activate or blow cooled air through your home as it should. If your air conditioner isn’t working, the first things you should check are your circuit breaker and your thermostat, which are often the culprits. However, if your AC system is receiving power and your thermostat is set to cool at a temperature lower than the current ambient temperature of your home, the system should activate. When your air conditioner won’t cool under these conditions, it’s a situation for your emergency AC repair service to handle. The longer you let your home’s air conditioner remain inactive, the more uncomfortable your home will become in the summertime heat. Placing a call to have your AC fixed immediately is the best way to eliminate the stress and discomfort associated with a nonfunctional cooling system.

Your AC Is Causing Water Damage

Water damage can quickly spread to cause major property losses, while excess moisture can attract pests or promote mold growth within 24 hours. Air conditioning problems associated with water damage, such as a clogged condensate drain or ice formation on the coils, should be addressed by your emergency AC repair service as soon as possible. These issues will not only cause damage to your home, but could also damage your air conditioner itself, leading to even more extensive and costly repairs or, in the worst case, requiring you to replace the system altogether. The best way to prevent water from seriously damaging your home or your air conditioner is to call your AC service as soon as you discover a problem.

Your AC Is Experiencing Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are not issues that should wait for normal working hours. If your air conditioner is experiencing an electrical issue, such as constantly tripping your breaker, creating a burning electrical smell, or dimming the lights in your home when the system activates, it’s time to call for emergency AC repair service. Electrical issues are not only serious, they are not DIY projects, either—your AC professional has the experience and the technical knowledge needed to identify the source of the problem and solve it quickly to both restore home cooling and reduce your risk of a serious home electrical issue, such as a blackout or a fire.

Our AC technicians are available 24/7 to deliver fast professional service in the event of a cooling breakdown. We know how quickly your home can become uncomfortable during the heat of the summer, which is why we are pleased to offer around-the-clock emergency AC repair service in Portsmouth without overtime fees or increased rates. You can find out more about our daily and emergency AC repair service solutions on our website, where you can also find further tips and information to protect your home cooling system on our new blog.